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Rémy Bouchinet

Rémy Bouchinet, author, has been living in Strasbourg since September 2021. Throughout his apprenticeship, he oscillated between acting and writing, and decided to consolidate his theatrical culture by enrolling in the Performing Arts program at Nanterre University, from 2011 to 2014.  He then decided to interrupt his master's degree to delve deeper into acting: writing tailor-made texts for performers became his priority. He went on to write his first dramatic texts, Holocaust 001 and Farce.


In 2017, he met Romain Gneouchev. Associated as an author with his company, Fugue 31, he wrote two texts, Dédale d'un soupeur and Chute(s). In 2019, he invited three performers to accompany him in a regular daily writing project: Le collège de Gordes. Together, they write over three hundred texts; this experimental workshop enables them to explore a wide range of literary fields, covering prose, poetry and dramatic writing.

In 2021, he co-founded a writing duo focused on mediation with a Strasbourg writer, Camille Mandaroux, under the name Brouillons Bouillants. They work with a wide range of audiences, from schools to nursing homes, and soon at the Strasbourg prison. An experienced mediator, he has worked with a number of organizations, including the CDN in Sartrouville, La Filature in Mulhouse, Espace 110 in Illzach, and the TNS as a dramaturge for the BMK prize.


Plantasia and Prologue are the first texts written for and with the Duck-Billed Company. Together with Grégoire Manhes and Eloïse Grastilleur, they decided to set up Grimpe, Grimpe, Grimpez!, a project based on literature and pedagogy, supported by the Fondation Crédit Mutuel Pour la Lecture.

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