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Director / Choreographer / Performer : Grégoire Manhes

Director of the Photography : Didier Serciat

With the voice of :


Text : 

Cameras : 

Color Grading :

Editing :

Sound Design :

Props Master :

Supports :

Claire Aimard

Rémy Bouchinet

Kay Galinier, Didier Serciat

Didier Serciat

Grégoire Manhes

Jessie & Sacha Mathelet

Jean-Michel Grastilleur


City of Chassieu, Métropole du Grand Lyon

"Plantasia is recruiting its next manager (M/F/X) on a permanent contract.

Missions :

- Supervise the people in your environment.
- Make sure they do what they're hired for.
- Do not hesitate to use your authority.



- Comfortable with plants.

- Physically and mentally flexible.

- Motivated, quick, docile, self-starter, comprehensive, unconscious and organized.


Workplace: on site 
Working hours: full-time
The position is available immediately".

Prologue, a choreographic fable interpreted by Grégoire Manhes, is a sort of contemporary tortoise and hare story, in which a forest ranger is confronted with a mysterious interlocutor during a highly unusual job interview. Confronting two protagonists with very different perspectives, the piece opposes two visions of Nature, one seemingly visionary and innovative, the other calmer and more authentic. Manipulations, deaf dialogues, false pretenses - what if this Prologue was the beginning of a beautiful friendship?



Imagined as a prequel, this solo revisits the absurd, uchronic universe of Plantasia.

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