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Hard Corps

Première : 19/03/2019

Festival What's Up, Lyon

Choreography :      

Dancers :                 


Music  : 

Musicians  :                

Eloïse Grastilleur / Grégoire Manhès

Eva Aubigny, Bastien Charmette, Eloïse Grastilleur,  Grégoire Manhès


Sami Naslin

Sorie Bangura, Miguel Filipe, Eloïse Grastilleur, Felix Leclerc, Mathilde Barillot

From heartbeats and tongue clicks to voice and body percussion, rhythm and beat are an integral part of the human body


Created for the What's Up festival, HARD CORPS revisits the choreographic material of En Corps by proposing a darker and more aggressive vision, the scenes are this time centered on the notion of percussion.

En Corps

Première : 16/11/2018

Théâtre Astrée, Villeurbanne

Choreography :     


Dancers :              

Music :   


Musicians :             

Design :     

Eloïse Grastilleur / Grégoire Manhes

Eva Aubigny, Bastien Charmette, Marco Mary, Grégoire Manhes


Grégoire Manhès / Sami Naslin

Sorie Bangura, Mathilde Barillot, Julie Goussot, Olivia Martin,

Sami Naslin

Christophe Manhes

The "body", a real cocoon that never ceases to shape itself over time. It acts as a common thread and links the nine paintings that make up this performance. Each part focuses on a body part, whether it be through constraint, oblivion, valorization or imagination.

Created for four dancers and five musicians, this piece mixes (in the first sense of the word) sound and gestures, and no one knows anymore who, from the body, from the instruments or from the musicality of the beings, leads the dance.

Salle 608

Première : 05/05/2018

Les Subsistances, Lyon

Choreography :       

Dancers :                 

Music  :                     


Set Design :   


With :        

Eloïse Grastilleur / Grégoire Manhès


Eloïse Grastilleur, Grégoire Manhès


Grégoire Manhès​

Conducted and recorded in the CNSMDL's studio by Romain Camiolo  

Océane Lutzius

Titouan Poisson, Clémence Rauber, Jean Soubirou

Three walls, a door, a table and magazines. A tasteless picture and a clock that never stops ticking...
Waiting rooms are part of our daily life and yet inexplicable things take place there. We never know how much time we spend there and everything seems amplified, as if plunged into a parallel dimension..

Created for the "Cartes Blanches au CNSMDL", Salle 608 is a duet about the strange world of waiting rooms.​

Human Tribe

Première : 04/05/2018

Les Subsistances, Lyon

Choreography :     

Dancers :                



Music  :                   


Masks :

Grégoire Manhes

Yannis Brissot, Océane Crouzier, Eloïse Grastilleur, Nagaline Gomis, Julien Klopfenstein, Zoé Lakhnati,      Erwin Le Goallec, Julien Meslage,

Alexandre Nodari,

Extracts from "Road to Stamping Ground" by Jiry Kylian / "Hagia Sofia" de Secret Chiefs 3 /  "Human Tribe" d'Anakronic

Garance Wullschlegger

Human Tribe is a piece for nine dancers that focuses on the concept of group. Inspired by the tribal dances of the Dogon and Wacky peoples and other mask dances, the piece raises a fundamental question: How to keep one's individuality while being part of a group?

With electronic music from the groups Anakronic and Secret Chiefs 3, the group evolves and takes over the space without ever leaving a void. ​

Masks are an essential part of tribal traditions. Garance Wullschlegger, a former student at the ENSBA in Lyon, made nine masks inspired by emojis, Chinese and African masks. Each mask is different and yet marks a sign of belonging to the group.

The whole exercise of this creation is based on the dancers' balance in a group, a living community. 


Première : 16/03/2018

École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon

Choreography :      

Dancers :                 

Music  :   


Scenography :

Nangaline Gomis, Grégoire Manhes,

Charlotte Hermant

Nangaline Gomis, Grégoire Manhes


Sami Naslin​

Charlotte Hermant

Every step is a fall, a discovery of a moving inner world, a short moment of suspending time. The path is deforming before our eyes and the unknown overwhelm us.

Create for the "Scénodanses", a collaborative project between ENSBA's space design students and CNSMDL's dancers, Déclinaisons is wobbly. With an heavy atmosphere, loss of balance and weightlessness, the audience lose the markers and the reality is distorded.


Première : 23/06/2017

Les Subsitances, Lyon

Choreography :      

Dancers :


Music  :                                 

Denis Cabrol / Grégoire Manhes

Denis Cabrol, Grégoire Manhes

Grégoire Manhes

Conducted and recorded in the CNSMDL's studios by Thibault Cohade

Guys. A wish of  two friends to create a short piece with all their commons hobbies : jazz, humor and dance. The duet was created for the CNSMDL's "Cartes Blanches". Imagined as a tribute to musicals and american dance pieces as "Fancy Free" or "Who Cares ?", everything is smooth,  jazzy and easygoing.

With this piece Grégoire Manhes began to work with his own musical compositions. He wrote five tunes for seven CNSMDL's  musicians, inspired by Claude Bolling, Michel Legrand and Ludovic Bource.

It is with this piece that Grégoire Manhes begins to work with his own music. He wrote five short compositions for seven musicians of the CNSMDL, drawing his inspiration from Claude Bolling, Michel Legrand or Ludovic Bource.

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