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Since its creation, the Duck-Billed company has been interested in building and developing educational projects intended for everyone. With an inclusive, barrier-free approach, the company offers opportunities for encounters and workshops that echo our various creative projects. With all the absurdity and freedom that characterize the Duck-Billed spirit, the beneficiaries of these workshops explore, discover and delve deeper. 


By creating a warm and welcoming space, everyone is encouraged to express themselves, through their bodies, voices and emotions. This involves creating characters, introspective moments and choreographic games.

Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. It's a confidence- and awareness-building process that enables each participant to develop a broader approach to body and culture. Thanks to the multi-disciplinary approach of the projects and the company's existing material, the workshops enable participants to explore several artistic fields: Dance, Music, Literature and Cinema.



Convinced of the benefits and openings offered by these moments, the Duck-Billed works with amateurs, professionals, children and senior citizens with a playful approach adapted to all.

More than 75h of workshops since the foundation of the company

For almost 400 beneficiaries

from to 2 to 90 years old

With amateurs and professionals from all over the world


Artist in Territory
Ville de Chassieu - 2022/2023

In 2022, the Duck-Billed Company is the laureate of the Chassieu municipality's call for proposals for an artist-in-residence program, and has come up with a project based around its 2023 creation, Plantasia.

Between residencies and multi-disciplinary workshops, the company will work with schoolchildren in difficulty, dance students from the Conservatoire de Chassieu and senior citizens, immersing them in a creative process.

In 2023, the Commune de Chassieu decide to extend its partnership by building a new project with the company for new beneficiaries: Dance and Digital. The company then imagines choreographic projects under the eye of the camera, in particular with the Silly Symphonies, always with the complicity and creativity of the people of Chassieu. They will bring together senior citizens, kindergarteners and schoolchildren around a common notion: how to dance with and for the camera?

In all, 6 different forms of workshop will have been created, echoing creations taking place and evolving in the heart of the region.


Creating links between different generations through dance within the same territory

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De-mystifying contemporary dance practice in a caring and stimulating environment

Discover contemporary dance

These workshops are intended for participants aged 2 to 90.

Through warm-ups and musical listening, participants discover the technical and ideological foundations of contemporary dance. Using the Duck-Billed Company choreographers' methodology, each workshop begins with warm-up exercises, enabling participants to (re)discover their own bodies and possibilities. They are then guided through improvisation exercises, drawing on their imagination and creativity.



Following the choreographers' instructions, participants explore the space, invent stories and share moments of dance. These moments of discovery enable everyone to grow, mature and gain real confidence in their bodies and creativity. A chance to listen to yourself and to others, while breaking down social and cultural barriers. Accessible and adapted to each individual, these classes are above all privileged moments for sharing a passion for dance in a playful atmosphere where serious fun is had.

The Duck-Billed Company shared those workshops with


Collège Yvonne Le Tac (Paris), Centre Musical de Chalamont​, Conservatoire d'Evreux 

Conservatoire et Contrat Local d'Accompagnement Scolaire de Chassieu

 École maternelle Le Châtenay, Collège Léonard de Vinci résidence des Roses Trémière (Chassieu)


The playlists Classes
A class / A Musical Style

The Playlist Classes are part of a concept developed by the Duck-Billed Company: the idea is to offer different dance classes, each focusing on a specific genre of music. The pedagogical structure is identical from one class to the next, but the choreographic content changes and evolves to integrate the specificities of the musical genres used and the sensitivity of the artists.


  • South American :  Leaded by Grégoire, this class focus on the easy listening music from the 60's. By proposing to embrace the kitsch and syrupy aspect of this music, he proposes a series of offbeat choreographies. Alternating between rhythmic challenges, phlegmatic crossings or swaying improvisations, this playlist offers a playful but technical work space. The objective is to integrate a musical complexity in the exercises in order to make the bodies more reactive, creative and not to develop a rhythmic routine. In the way of these "easy to digest" musics, this dance has an endearing aspect but hides a real richness of writing.

  • RapAs a big fan of rap music, Eloise decided to lead a class around this style of music. On the musical side, dancers are invited to feel the flow, listen to the lyrics, find the rhythmic subtleties to play it. On the movement side, Eloïse focused on falls. By proposing techniques through several exercises, the dancers learn how to "fall" and manage to free themselves from the apprehension of falling, which can lead to injury. Each dancer is invited to find his or her flow, like a rapper poses to music...

Explore the relationship between music and dance through an offbeat yet demanding approach

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