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Première :   24/05/2023


Théâtre de l'Uchronie (Lyon)

Choregrapher :   

Dancers :

Music :

Text :

Voice :

Scénography :

Light Design :

Props :


Partners :

Grégoire Manhes

Eloïse Grastilleur, Grégoire Manhes, Kiera Sanderson, Anand Wongpaisan

Mort Garson

Rémy Bouchinet

Claire Aimard

Océane Lutzius

Mathilde Domarle

Jean-Michel Grastilleur



Théâtre de l'Uchronie, Lisière, Ville de Chassieu, Ville de Pézenas, Centre Musical de Chalamont, Ambassade de France en Thaïlande, Alliance Française de Bangkok, Host BKK, Howspace Studios, People of Ari

"Once upon a time, somewhere.

Plants have disappeared. Here, the word vegetal lost its meaning and only represents an old memory. It is now impossible to seat on the grass, go for a walk between the trees, take care of your flowers.

Well impossible, not really ...


There is still one place where we can appreciate the company of our herbaceous friends. This place is Plantasia, a lush museum room where the last traces of vegetable life are kept. Don’t worry, we have our valiant custodians who take care night and day and this since years ago,of this new revolutionary ecosystem.


100% Guaranteed Plastic."

As an contemporary ecological tale, Plantasia is about childhood, emancipation and the fear of the unknown, while raising essential ecological issues. Based on Mort Garson's album "Mother Earth's Plantasia", Grégoire Manhes imagines an absurd and poetic uchronic tale where natural rhymes with artificial.

From 8 years old

"Whether it's music, choreography or film, there has always been a childlike naivety in my work. I have always approached my creations with an eternal child's eye, sharing stories, imagining universes and transcribing the music that captivates him. With Plantasia, I wish to embrace this childlike side.

Grégoire Manhes

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