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Anand Wongpaisan

Prior to training at Falmouth University, Anand (Boon) was heavily involved in athletics before transitioning his interests to dance and choreography. In 2019, Boon completed his training at Falmouth University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Dance & Choreography. Returning to Thailand after graduation, Boon had further professional training with Jitti Chompee by beoming a performer for 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre.

Also interested by research, he develops various collaborative projects in the UK and Thailand, works with several local and international artists as a choreographer and creates his first solo "Man on Fire". In parallel to his performing and creation work, Boon regularly teaches workshops to dancers from all over the world and co-founded with Kiera Sanderson the Open Movement and Floor Work classes, which have gradually democratized contemporary dance in Thailand.

He joined the Duck-Billed Company in 2023 for the Plantasia project.


The Silly symphonies

Plantasia - Director's Cut

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