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Killing Time
Director's Cut

Directed / Choreographed / Composed by : Grégoire Manhes

Director of Photography : Aaron Belabid

Dancers : 

Musicians :             


Océane Crouzier, Arnaud Daffan, Eloïse  Grastilleur

Jeanne Apray, Salomé Kirklar,

Imane Mahroug, Lydie Souppaya

Editing :


Lighting :


Color Calibration

Management :


Sound Design :

Titles Design :           

Aaron Belabid


Aaron Belabid, Corentin Tholin

Didier Serciat


Sacha Mathelet

Christophe Manhes

Executive Producer :

Co-Producers :

Naïka Films

Duck-Billed Company

Didier Serciat

Duck-Billed Company Logo

'Three iddle rich meet regularly to play cards. One evening, bored, they realize that playing for money had lost its attraction. Winning was not exciting enough. They decide to "spice up" the game by changing the rules : 

The loser of the next game would pay with his life'


Grégoire Manhes reinvents his piece as a choreographic medium-length film, retaining all the original material and playing with all the tools offered by the Cinema in order to create an atypical artwork.

Proposing a new way of telling a story, this choreographic medium-length film combines Dance, Music and Cinema in a completely innovative way. Devoid of dialogue, the narration of Killing Time passes through the movement, the sound and the musicality of the editing. The atypical gestures of the choreographer associated with the camera and to the sharp musicality of the performers make this film a singular artwork.

As a silent-film with a contemporary pantomime, Killing Time - Director's Cut is a suspenseful behind-close-door thriller that looks nothing else. With a simple but fearsome plot, Grégoire Manhes immerses the spectator in the heart of a real descent into hell.

"A film that captivates you with every frame. Exceptionally done in terms of visual style,
storytelling, and non-communication."

1st Monthly Film Festival - Mai 2021


Best Dance Film


Best Cinematography
Best Crime

Winner Laurel.png

Best Experimental

TIFF Laureal.png

Best Silent Film


Best Experimental Film

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