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Director's Cut

Directed / Choreographed : Grégoire Manhes

Director of Photography : Didier Serciat

Dancers :

Eloïse Grastilleur, Grégoire Manhes, Kiera Sanderson, Anand Wongpaisan

With the voice of Claire Aimard

Text :

Scenography :


Music :

Props :

Rémy Bouchinet

Océane Lutzius

Mort Garson


Jean-Michel Grastilleur


Editing :


Color Calibration :

Mix / Sound Design :        

Kay Galinier, Didier Serciat

Grégoire Manhes

Didier Serciat

Jessie & Sacha Mathelet

Producer :

Duck-Billed Company

"Once upon a time, somewhere.

Plants have disappeared. Here, the word vegetal lost its meaning and only represents an old memory. It is now impossible to seat on the grass, go for a walk between the trees, take care of your flowers.

Well impossible, not really ...


There is still one place where we can appreciate the company of our herbaceous friends. This place is Plantasia, a lush museum room where the last traces of vegetable life are kept. Don’t worry, we have our valiant custodians who take care night and day and this since years ago,of this new revolutionary ecosystem.


100% Guaranteed Plastic."


Grégoire Manhes reinvents his creation with a fresh vision and new interpretations, transforming it into a singular choreographic feature-length film. As a new addition in the "Director's Cut" collection, this contemporary ecological tale explores the absurd world of Plantasia in depth, creating an uniquely intimate relationship between Dance / Music and Cinema. With a narrative approach involving senselessly musical characters, this new film transcends codes to offer a poetic, naive story where plants are built and where we dialogue through dance.

Plantasia - Director's Cut is all about the living, the synthetic. Miracles, catastrophes. Life in a group, solitude. A fictional microcosm where candid beings cohabit in a plastic ecosystem, and where "natural" rhymes with "artificial".

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