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Duck-Billed is a contemporary dance company based in the Ain region, co-founded by Eloïse Grastilleur and Grégoire Manhes. While one directs and structures projects and the other choreographs, composes and directs, it's as a duo that they present works with multiples influences, an atypical gesture and a meticulous music/dance relationship.

Whether it's simply a taste for research, or a desire to reach a wider audience, the company is constantly seeking to renew itself and find new ways of working. Humor, disarticulated gestures and strong musicality are part of the company's DNA.

The company's projects, which forge an ongoing, privileged link with cinema, explore new ways of (re)telling stories, placing movement and musicality at the forefront. By creating surreal imaginary worlds, they create absurd characters evolving in the heart of cinematographic settings through poetic and singular stories.

You can already see in the repertoire of the company three choreographic pieces, a medium-length movie, a documentary usually accompanied by original music creations.


Duck-Billed, it's


Grégoire Manhes  (Artistic Director / Choreographer / Composer / Movie Director)

Eloïse Grastilleur  (Co-Founder / Manager / Performer / Choreographer)

Kiera Sanderson (Performer)

Anand Wongpaisan (Performer)

Arnaud Daffan  (Performer / Make up director / Graphic Designer)

Thomas Boffy (Technician)

Rémy Bouchinet (Author)

Mathilde Domarle (Light Designer)

Océane Lutzius (Scenographer)

Cécile Caumette  (Association's President)

Meya Djilalli (Association's Treasurer)

Clémence Rauber  (Association's Secretary)

François Grastilleur (Association's Vice-Secretary)

Claire Aimard (Actress)


Aaron Belabid  (Cinematographer)

Océane Crouzier (Performer)

Kay Galinier (Cinematographer)

Jean-Michel Grastilleur (Props Master)

Quintette Mitra  (String Quintet)

Christophe Manhes (Graphic Designer)

Sacha Mathelet (Sound Designer)

Pakorn Musikaboonlert (Photographer)

Corentin Tholin (Cinematographer)

Didier Serciat  (Producer)

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