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Train n°6857


Premiere :   16 /09/2020

Ancient SNCF's Technical-Centre of Oullins

Bac à Sable 


Interpretation :      

Music :

Painting : 


Partners :                          

Eloïse Grastilleur / Grégoire Manhes

Grégoire Manhes

Patrick Pleutin

(created during the creation residency in Théâtre de l'Arsenal)

Bac à Sable, Centre Musical de Chalamont, Théâtre de l'Arsenal

Eurek'Art / Aubrac Express

Created in an old SNCF's technical-centre at Oullins, the new performance of the Eloïse/Grégoire's duet Train n°6857 

transport you right in a crazy and absurd TGV's wagon.

Here, the meaningless become reality. From everyday's life situations, the choreographers divert, exagerate, distort and appropriate the DNA of the famous french railway company.

The Train n°6857 's journey will last 40min without any stop, unless if anything happen during the trip...

This piece is created with the support of the Théâtre de l’Arsenal of  Val-de-Reuil - scène conventionnée d’intérêt national « art et création pour la danse ».

Train n°6857 is part of the Aubrac Express network, a multi-year, interdepartmental project to promote the Béziers-Neussargues train line run by the Eurek'Art association.

" We can feel that those two will be ready to jump on the knees of the travelers if it was possible and that all the wagon will turn in a state of delirium during the ticket's control"

Marie Nimier 

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