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Océane Lutzius
Plastician / Set Designer

Designer/scenographer based in Lyon, Océane's work is divided between research and artistic scenographic projects. Each of her creations begins with an artistic and human encounter with a team and a story. A dialogue is then initiated, nourished by sensitivity and common references or those to be discovered, to create a place of (re)presentation, a setting in space, in light at the service of a text, a staging and a universe. She tries to be at the service of the creation without letting herself be dominated by the technique and to include a sensitive point of view, a singularity, a shift.


She is currently working with several companies as a scenographer (Tsemerys, Duck-billed Company, Chaos Solaire) and continues her questioning of the link between performer and spectator in live performance in public spaces through original devices and thanks to the support of structures such as the ENSBA, Les Subsistances (RCA post-graduate diploma) or the Médicis workshops (creation in progress).

Océane has been involved in the company's early projects, playing with both the abstract and the concrete. Her scenographic creations are an integral part of the Duck-Billed's universe and are the foundations of each of our creations.

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