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Thomas Boffy

Trained in stage engineering at the Lycée Branly, Thomas consolidated his experience by working in the entertainment industry as a stage manager and video assistant. He then decided to support theatrical productions, by working with several companies (Microbiote, Bleu Miroir, Prise de Pied) as a stage manager and light designer.

He is also a host light operator at several Lyon venues, including Les Clochards Célestes, Ile Ô and Salle Saint-Hélène.  He is a regular member of concert and music festival teams, alternating between small associations and larger productions (Rammstein, Mylène Farmer, Rolling Stone, etc.).


Thomas is interested in all aspects of performance automation and the possible links between sound, light and video. He joined the Duck-Billed Company in 2023 as a main technician on the Plantasia creation. His curiosity, efficiency and perfectionism give to the company an ever more ambitious technical and visual vision.

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